Will Barrett

Chief Operating Officer

Will leads daily business operations, ensuring RPS’s mission, core values, and culture persevere. His extensive background in diverse, high stakes operational environments drive his ethos.

Will joined RPS in the spring of 2015, having previously served as a Director of Operations and Special Projects Manager in the UAS field. Will has over 21 years of experience in the ISR industry. As a founding member of the SOU, he frequently deployed as an operator, analyst, and liaison to Europe and the Middle East. After accumulating thousands of combat hours, receiving numerous accolades for actions in ISR and DA mission operations, he was recruited in 2003 to focus on rapid acquisition, research, and development, where he continued to accumulate Initial Cadre achievements. In 2006, Will imbedded with ground forces overseas and successfully impacted multiple customer objectives. After returning home, he received his commission in the Air Force, where he was challenged in new endeavors resulting in consistently positive feedback.

Will holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Communications from Southern Christian University.