RPS History


Our journey as your solutions provider.

Extensive military experience taught us that unmanned systems can be used to solve a wide variety of complex problems. In 2013, we noticed an unaddressed need for solutions ranging from commercial operations across varied geographies to military flight and intelligence operations support, and RPS was born.

Our ability to deliver solutions above and beyond our customers’ expectations has gained us recognition as a leading provider of UAS solutions in locations around the globe. Over the past six years, we’ve grown to a team of more than 200 seasoned professionals, and we continue to deliver responsive solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our team’s broad experience, coupled with our dedication and service to our customers has allowed us expand our services beyond UAS operations into training, logistics and test support, and ISR solutions.

RPS also offers a variety of commercial solutions, including training, requirements and licensing consulting, surveying, disaster and emergency response, infrastructure and emissions inspections, thermal imaging, 3D and 4D mapping, livestock monitoring, and security.

Our History