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About RPS

Evolving missions require adaptive solutions.

RPS is a mission-oriented business with a unique understanding of our customers and their operational needs. We exist to provide our customers with the solutions they need to achieve their goals and accomplish critical tasks in some of the most challenging environments on earth.

RPS uses years of military training and hundreds of thousands of hours of experience executing missions, testing aircraft, providing logistics support, and delivering training to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions to complex requirements. Our focus on operational excellence feeds our ability to deliver solutions above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and our dedication to our customers and their missions has gained us a reputation as a leading provider of UAS solutions.

We are an ever-growing team of like-minded professionals, and we continue to deliver responsive solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. Collectively, we’ve logged nearly 500,000 combined hours in flight and delivering instruction. This expertise was hard-earned, and our solutions are informed by years of experience.

RPS’s dedication and service to our customers has allowed us to grow quickly into a recognized industry leader and expand our services beyond UAS LRE and MCE operations into training development and conduct, RDT&E, logistics support, and ISR operations.

RPS also offers a variety of commercial solutions, including training, requirements and licensing consulting, surveying, disaster and emergency response, infrastructure and emissions inspections, thermal imaging, 3D and 4D mapping, livestock monitoring, and security.

About RPS


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