Comprehensive Solutions.<br />  Global Expertise.

Comprehensive Solutions.
Global Expertise.

Bring your complex problems. RPS offers unmatched experience and responsiveness to provide dependable solutions to your operational needs in the most challenging situations.

Intelligence Solutions for Actionable Insights.

Intelligence Solutions for Actionable Insights.

Acquire the critical information you need. RPS supports advanced intelligence operations for informed decisions, effective planning, and decisive action.

Realize your operational goals and reduce acquisition risks.

Realize your operational goals and reduce acquisition risks.

RPS’s seasoned experts aid in RDT&E planning and execution to ensure you get the most out of your newest platforms.

Be Remarkable.<br>Join Our Team.

Be Remarkable.
Join Our Team.

Extraordinary efforts require extraordinary personnel. Become a part of our team and support critical missions around the world while shaping the industry’s best practices.

Mission focused. Mission ready.

RPS draws upon years of military experience and lessons learned performing hundreds of thousands of hours of flight missions across a variety of platforms both manned and unmanned, designing training and test programs, developing documentation and repeatable processes, and managing complex program deliverables.

Our broad expertise allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions others can’t. Our industry-leading experience and documented procedures reduce risk when it matters most.

What do we offer? Responsive, effective, and efficient solutions to problems old and new.

RPS Flight Operations icon
Flight Operations

Your mission, accomplished. RPS provides flight operations services including LRE and MCE at GOCO and COCO locations around the globe.


RPS UAS Consulting
Intelligence Support

The information you need. Our years of experience gathering actionable intelligence for operational awareness forms the foundation of our intelligence solutions.

Air Craft Evaluations
Aircraft Testing & Evaluation

Third-party insights, first-hand expertise. RPS uses our deep knowledge and experience to ensure our customers’ newest platforms deliver the performance required for the future’s missions.

RPS Training

Learn from the best. We’ll put our team of instructors and evaluators against any in the business. Our training courses are purpose-built and delivered to ensure learner uptake, improve safety, and increase efficiency.










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RPS employs the most talented individuals in the industry to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job will be done right.

Our service-oriented solutions are backed by the expertise of the best and most experienced team in the industry. Contact us today to find out what solutions RPS can bring to your operations.

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